The PALADIN PUNKS collection is based on an NFT collection you can be part of. Visit our website to learn more on how to own a Paladin Punk and have your bespoke merchandise made by PALADIN

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In the vast world of Web3, where battles are fought for a brighter and more equal future, there emerges a group of heroic individuals known as Paladin Punks. The V1 collection inspired by real-life web3 badass women, each Paladin Punk NFT is a bespoke artwork, depicting these incredible people who epitomize courage and determination. Now is the perfect time to join this fun community and own a piece of this colorful collection. 

Honoring the Legacy

The Paladin Punks collection pays homage to the legendary original Cryptopunks, both the V1 and V2 editions. They carved their way on the blockchain for art and development in Web3. However, the original collection had 2.320 less female punks, which are now created by Paladin with the Genesis and Generative collection, as a reminder we need to foster a more inclusive and equal Web3 community going forward. Excitingly, male versions of the Paladin Punks will also be created in the V2 collection. To improve your chances of getting a male punk, make sure to pick up V1 versions for your wife, girlfriend, daughters, and sisters.

A Meticulously Crafted Collection

Each Paladin Punk artwork is meticulously created using 576 pixels. The use of 24 x 24 pixel art ensures that even the smallest version of these artworks remains recognizable, allowing you to use it as an iconic PFP in the Web3 space. By shining a light on the extraordinary people of Web3, Paladin Punks serves as a testament to their invaluable contributions in times that many have left the space.

Unveiling the Paladin Punks Museum

To foster a sense of community and collaboration, Paladin Punks has curated an extraordinary space within the metaverse. Designed by the visionary architect 0xWolfgang, the Paladin Punks Museum serves as a hub for meetings, events, presentations, and parties. Its Day and Night versions allow for immersive experiences, catering to a wide range of themes and occasions.

A Vibrant Community

Paladin Punks values inclusivity and actively encourages cross-community collaborations. Artists, collectors, developers, and builders from diverse backgrounds find a home within this sustainable ecosystem. By connecting individuals from various disciplines, Paladin Punks cultivates an environment where innovation and creativity thrive.